lunes, 20 de mayo de 2019

LiFe in the CiTY

Life in the City

Fapple Life in the City Skybox

Life in the City is the perfect skybox for those that want a loft style living in a city. There are three versions in each box:
  Low impact skybox with no books or scenery - 27x20 - 109LI
  Skybox with no outside scenery - 27x20 - 198LI
  Full skybox with outside scenery - 35x35 - 315LI
 The porch contains a sound system with ambient city sounds and the sound of waves (from the included sea view).
 The chair on the porch has solo animations for male and female. The bookcase has solo animations and two couple ones.
 Keep your eyes open for furniture rolling out in the next few days that will perfectly fit the skybox. Some of the furniture will be FREE for people who purchase the skybox.

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