domingo, 31 de marzo de 2019

The YouNG SaMuRai


STRAY DOG Eun Lelutka Applier Skin for Neo Japan
Lelutka Guy Mesh Head
DAPPA Kagami Tattoo for Neo Japan
[INK] Nobushi Hair for Neo Japan
CODEX Kazuma Necklace for Neo Japan
ATTIC Moe Katana Black Gacha for Neo Japan
GLOOM Hikimori Collection Eyes Black for Neo Japan

Ex Machina Tokyo After Dark for Neo Japan

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2019

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2019



A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants Black
[Contraption] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arms
Butanik83 Cybernetic Yakuza Arm Blade for Neo Japan
SOLE GRPE Gacha (Riv Belt, Visor, Harness, Charged Collar, CArms) for Neo Japan - Items for women, I have edited to adapt
Dura U92 Hair for Neo Japan
Birth Ripley Applier Catwa Skin
Darkyn Dover Shapes Raul Shape en Marketplace

Poseidon Poses White Wolf

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2019

martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

No iDeaS

No ideas

[Deadwool] Hart Trousers
[Deadwool] Lorenzo Shirt
[Deadwool] Oxford Shoes
[Deadwool] Full Beard

[kunst] Writer's Corner Set Gacha for Shiny Shabby
[kunst] Old World Map
[kunst] Vintage Trunk
[kunst] Industrial Rolling Cart
[kunst] Wine Bottles, Wooden Ashtray
[kunst] Brandy Bottle Dispenser and Brandy Glass
Madpea Bonsai Shihosu
Knick Knack 2 lace curtain

Varonis Lueur Skybox

domingo, 24 de marzo de 2019



DOUX - Shakiria hairstyle [Blondes]
Ricielli - FLEUR Lingerie
Eudora3D Mina Stockings&Stillettos

[Deadwool] Hart Trousers
[Deadwool] Lorenzo Shirt
[Deadwool] Oxford Shoes
[Deadwool] Full Beard

[REZZ ROOM] Bengal Cat Family for Arajuku

[MF] Chesterfield Sofa

sábado, 23 de marzo de 2019



RIOT Blake Tank for TMD
.:E.A.Studio:. Ears Akasuna for Neo Japan
Gloom Hikikoromi eyes for Neo Japan
MIDNA Fel Necklaces for Man Cave
Unorthodox Mami Hair
STRAY DOG Malik Catwa Applier Skin for Man Cave
Savage Reborn Tattoo for MOM
Volkstone Gentleman Facial Hair for Man Cave

Poseidon Poses Hip Hop 5 for Rewind

viernes, 22 de marzo de 2019



[REZZ ROOM] Barber Set for Man Cave
[REZZ ROOM] Bengal Cat Family for Arajuku
VOID Seaberg Jukebox for Man Cave
MADRAS Whiskey and Tattoo Remover Decor for Man Cave
[MF] Chesterfield Sofa
VARONIS Akina Skybox

jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019

The INDiaN

The Indian

CHUCK SIZE Michael Denim Jacket for Man Cave
UC IronMan Sunglasses for Man Cave
not so bad Charly Jeans Regular for TMD
No Match No Water Hair for Salon 52
REBIRTH Beard Jekyll

Moto Design Indiana Skull

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domingo, 17 de marzo de 2019



Varonis Neve Skybox
Tartessos Arts Soho couch Set
THOR New Industrial Set for TMD
UC Zack Daniel's Bottle and Glass for Man Cave
Dust Bunny Hanging Plants
Serenity Style Tricycle Farm Rare for Man Cave
Nutmeg Just a Bunch of Pillows
Nutmeg Pile of Vintage Books

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2019



::GB:: Around Waist Kimono Set for Equal 10
::GB:: Nyorai Tattoo for Skin Fair
NOCHE Chad Shibari Chest Harness Essential for TMD
Stray Dog John Applier Skin

Varonis Noir Background
[kunst] Industrial Rolling Cart
[kunst] Wine Bottles
Apple Fall Whisky, Malbec and Wine Glasses
Soy Potted Ponytail Palm

martes, 12 de marzo de 2019



BlankLine SpringShirts for TMD
not so bad Charly Jeans Regular for TMD
Lelutka Guy Bento Mesh Head
Stray Dog Kedar Lelutka Applier Skin for Skin Fair 2019
MICHAN Axel Lashes Lelutka for Salon 52
NOIR Ganny Necklace for Man Cave

Varonis StarDust Background

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2019

domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019

The WoRLD is YouRs

World is Yours

COLD-ASH Ryan Bmber Jaket for TMD
not so bad Charly Jeans Regular for TMD
No Match Hair No Water for Salon 52
Birth Ripley Catwa Applier Skin
Darkyn Dover Shapes Raul Shape en Marketplace
Swallow Gauged Ears
Volkstone Stubble Facial Hair

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jueves, 7 de marzo de 2019



Kalback Basic Jeans for TMD
[Deadwool] Hugo Shirt Light Blue
[Deadwool] The Dandy Formal Jacket Grey
[Deadwool] Oxford Shoes
[Deadwool] Full Beard
Dura U91 Hair for TMD

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miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2019

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2019



[CX] Oroan's Binding exclusive Eclipse Event
[CX] Mucronate Chains -
[CX] Scorching Sin (Black)
Stealthic - Ascension (Reds)
NaaNaa's Snaki Snaki Hands Accessories exclusive kinky Event
RO Azrael Bone Wings

[Deadwool] Hart Trousers
[Deadwool] Full Beard
Vango Josh Hair
Stray Dog John Catwa Applier Skin
TWC Draco Hands Tattoo
TWC Merek Tattoo for Eclipse Event
[Conviction] The Claws
RO Azrael Bone Wings

Ana Poses Relaxed Night

Varonis Ascelin Skybox

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2019

The CLuB

the Club

::GB:: Denim Hoodie Jacket for Uber
::GB:: Suspender Denim Dark Blue
No Match Hair No Transfer
[MF] Daniel Bento Viking Stache & Beard for Man Cave
Stray Dog Dre Catwa Applier Skin
Swallow Gauged Ears

Varonis Hideout Skybox