jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

SoTa la PLuJa Y DeSCalÇ

Mad City-Lavarock-flow_001

Mad City-Lavarock-flow_002

Jeans Morcego pants in blue de flow en The Mens Dept
Collar New Release Angel Dagger de LAVAROCK CREATIONS
Bracelet unisex de .:Angel of Metal:. en Marketplace

Localización de las fotos en Mad City

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi, may you tell me something about the hair in pic? Thank you.

  2. Hello, The hair is Beckham hair from *Coma*, is an old hair and I think don´t exist more this store, but you can find in Marketplace, thanks x see the blog ;) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/pt-BR/stores/27821